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Auroral by Blackwolfncat2010
On the day of POFFLE's creation many other mutations were made, this is one of them.

Name: Auroral
Species: Mutation
Gender: Female
DNA Contributors: Celestia, a Quarry Eel and a Windigo
Cutiemark: None
Special Abilities: Auroral creates the aurora borealis in the skies above Equestria, primarily over the Crystal Empire and the Flutter Free Kingdom (the un-cursed changeling kingdom)
Mutant Fact: Despite Auroral's fearsome appearance she is very sweet natured and cares deeply for all around her, especially her good Princess POFFLE. Auroral has a close bond with her mother celestia even though she knows her mother gets nervous around her, so she primarily stays away. She lives with her mother in canterlot but she doesn't leave her room that often because guards and visitors tend to react badly to her appearance.
Auroral does walk, but only using her front legs, instead she usually floats around as it is easier for her and, unlike the quarry eels and the windigo's, Auroral is vegetarian but can absorb feelings of peace from those around her.

Hasbro owns mlp celestia, quarry eels and windigo's
I own auroral, POFFLE and the mutant ponies


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